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Assembly Line Robots | FANUC America

Robotic assembly is likely one of the first images people have when they think of industrial robots. Automotive manufacturing – essentially the first industry to standardize on robotic automation – utilizes heavy-duty six axis robots to increase capacity and improve quality in their manufacturing processes.

Today, assembly line robots stretch far beyond automotive, as we see more and more opportunities for high-speed robotic assembly of small intricate parts. Assembly line robot processes provide the speed and precision manufacturers require without sacrificing quality and accuracy. The flexibility of assembly line robots allows manufacturers to optimize workflow, increase capacity, and easily produce a wider range of products because they can perform multiple value-added processes, eliminating the need for expensive fixed automation. Intelligent features like integrated 2D and 3D iRVision and Force sensing enhance the assembly process.

SR-3iA-circuit-board-assembly FANUC SR-3iA Circuit Board Assembly

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Assembly line robots - Industries primed for fast, small parts assembly processes


Robotic Assembly for Automotive Components: Pumps, motors and gear boxes


Multi-Robot Engine Cover Robotic Assembly System – Courtesy of TranTek Automation


Robotic Assembly System for Electrical Wire Harnesses - Courtesy of Clear Automation


Six-Axis FANUC M-3iA Delta Robot Assembles a Blower Fan



Robotic consumer electronics assembly including computers and phones


FANUC M-1iA Robot - Key Fob Assembly


FANUC M-1iA Robot - Water Meter Assembly


FANUC M-1iA Robot - Electric Connector Assembly


Assembly Line Robots for Battery Cells


FANUC M-2iA/3AL Robot Assembles Car Battery Cells with Visual Line Tracking


FANUC SR-3iA SCARA Robot Battery Pack Assembly


Assembly Line Robots for Medical Devices


LR Mate 200iD Robot for Medical Tray Transfer System - Courtesy of JH Robotics 


Robotic Medical Syringe Assembly System – Courtesy of Farason Corporation


Assembly Line Robots for Household Appliances & Kitting


Robotic System Assembles, Tests & Packs Thermal Insulators - Courtesy of RND Automation & Engineering


Robotic Dental Bur Fixture Loading with FANUC SR-3iA SCARA Robot - Courtesy of REMTEC


Robotic Coin Set Assembly System Uses 13 FANUC Robots to Assemble Coin Sets – Courtesy of Farason Corporation


Collaborative Robot Assembly Applications


CR-35iA Dispensing Urethane to Automotive Glass - Courtesy of Esys Automation


Mobile Collaborative Robot - FANUC CR-7iA/L Uses AGV to Move Between Robotic Assembly Stations


Intelligence Feature: FANUC’s Integrated iRVision

Robotic vision allows the robot to “see” and pick up a component from a conveyor or tray, reducing the need for extensive programming. In addition to part location, iRVision can assist with inspection, gauging, detection and error proofing. FANUC designs all of the hardware and software specifically for FANUC robots, providing customers solutions to meet their production needs.

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Intelligence Feature: FANUC Force Sensor

Force sensing is often needed in part assembly operations for processes like insertion, drilling, tightening or screw driving, giving the robot controller feedback about how well parts are going together or how much force and torque is being applied. Together, these sensing technologies make a robot assembly line cost effective for even relatively short production runs.

Discover the Many Benefits of Using Robotic Automation for Assembly

Assembly process can be strenuous for employees –heavy lifting, repetitive motions can cause injuries and the repeatable nature of the task can lead to boredom and job dissatisfaction.  Robots can handle the workload quickly and accurately and can be easily redeployed when products change.

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Increased Throughput

  • High reliability, repeatability and uptime 
  • Labor savings and improved ergonomics
  • Reduces scrap costs

Flexible and Precise

  • High precision and consistent assembly with vision-guided robots
  • Quick changeover using tool changers and stored recipes
  • Fully programmable solutions and flexibility to adapt various part types
  • Process adjustments on-the-fly

Increased Quality

  • Minimizes handling damage and scrap
  • Improves product consistency and accuracy

100% vision inspection for tight quality control

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