FANUC Certified Education CNC Solutions Designed for the Classroom

There is a growing need for skilled workers competent in the setup, programming and operation of CNC’s.  Since more manufacturers trust their operations to FANUC CNC’s than any other control platform, it’s important that students and workers become FANUC CNC certified.

FANUC + Doosan
Building the Next Generation of Machinists

FANUC and Doosan Machine Tools have partnered to now offer secondary and post-secondary schools with hands-on skill development and industry-recognized certifications using world-class Doosan machine tools combined with FANUC’s industry-leading CNC controls.

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FANUC CNC Tools for Education | CNC Curriculums


Comprehensive Curriculum

In partnership with CNC Concepts, Inc., FANUC America offers two comprehensive CNC curriculum for machining (milling) and turning (lathe), including key concepts and lessons for machining center setup, programming and operation. Since more manufacturers trust their operations to FANUC CNC’s than any other control platform, it’s important that students and workers become FANUC CNC certified.




FANUC CNC Tools for Education | Simulation Software


CNC Guide Academic Package

The CNC Guide academic package is FANUC CNC software running on a PC. CNC Guide is ideal for dedicated training rooms or development teams and is available with a single or multi-seat licenses. CNC Guide provides a realistic operation and part programming environment so students can write, test and optimize programs without taking a machine out of production. CNC Guide supports both conventional G-code programming including canned cycles and custom macros and MANUAL GUIDE i, FANUC's conversational programming.

CNC Machining Simulation for Workforce Development

FANUC’s Machining Simulation for Workforce Development offers virtual training on FANUC controls operation, part programming and more. The realistic simulation software, powered by ModuleWorks, can be operated now as 5-axis and 3-axis mills or a 2-axis lathe. Our platform creates a digital twin of the machine tool and simulates the cutting process. Using actual CNC position data, the digital twin provides an accurate and realistic depiction of actual machine behavior.



FANUC CNC Tools for Education | CNC Simulators


CNC Education Simulator - A02B-0158-B110#US

The CNC education simulator is designed specifically for educational purposes, ensuring affordable access to the latest FANUC 0i-MODEL F Plus CNC platform in a compact and portable package, easily integrated into any classroom. Add the screen display function software to take over partial control of the simulator on the PC, via the Ethernet connection.


  • • Switchable mill and lathe system in one simulator
  • • 3 Axis milling / 2 axis turning system + 1 spindle
  • • Conversational programming and 3D simulation (MGi)
  • • Inch / metric switchable
  • • 2MB part program storage, with 1,000 registered programs
  • • 128 Tool offset pairs (T) and 400 Tool offset pairs (M)
  • • Work piece coordinates G52 – G59 + 48 additional on mill
  • • 10.4” Color LCD
  • • Full QWERTY keyboard
  • • USB and Ethernet connectivity
  • • Weight: Approx. 12kg - Dimensions: 421mm x 220mm x 608mm (W x D x H)

CNC Simulator Features

  • Switchable mill and lathe (turning) system in one simulator
  • MANUAL GUIDE i for conversational program creation and 3D simulation
  • 3-axis milling / 2 axis turning system plus one spindle
  • USB, Flash ATA and ethernet connectivity
  • Power: AC 100-240V

CNC Machining Simulator - D73F-0320-PB00

The machining simulator will carry all the same features as the standard simulator with the addition of an internal PC, which will provide a virtual mill or lathe with real kinematics, allowing the user to view the live machine movement, tooling and part machining. Tool and workpiece setup is required and colored back plot, collision detection and sound bring the machine operating experience to life. Software only version is also available for self install and connection to the standard CNC simulator via ethernet.


  • • NC: Oi‐F 3 axis Mill or 2 axis Lathe, switchable at reboot
  • • IPC: Pentium Processor N4200 1.1Ghz Quad core, 8GB RAM, 32GB SSD
  • • Ports: 4 USB 3.0
  • • HDMI display
  • • Software included: Windows 10, Machining Simulation, FASBacCNC
  • • Brackets
  • • User supplies: Monitor, keyboard & mouse

FANUC CNC Tools for Education | CNC Machines


Levil Table-top Machining Centers

EDU Mill

The latest in the line up of educational CNC equipment is the EDU mill. Lightweight and portable, the rigid gantry style machine runs on 110VAC and is ideal for cutting wood, plastic and metals. The machine is equipped with the new FANUC 0i-F Plus Control and features a single tool spindle with automatic tool measurement.

Levil LMV-F400 Table-top CNC Mill

Teach with a top of the line CNC Milling Machine utilizing FANUC 0i-MF hardware that is both affordable and portable and runs on only a standard single phase 110vAC outlet. Help your students gain exposure to milling practices including machine programming, set up and operation with a small classroom footprint.


Levil LTC-F30 Table-top CNC Lathe

Designed for classrooms and small machine shops that need a complete CNC solution in a limited space. Utilizing the FANUC 0i-TF control, the LTC-F30 is capable of 24/7 industrial production of small parts in a variety of materials ranging from plastics to soft metals

Levil LCT-30

Doosan Machining Centers

Doosan DEM 4000 Mill

Doosan's DEM series is a compact vertical machining center for 3-axis general machining with high rigidity structure. This model is designed with a 22” x 16” bed which is very suitable for basic cutting processing. The DEM 4000 is controlled by a Doosan FANUC 0i-F Plus control with 10.4” LCD. The operation panel enhances operating convenience by incorporating common-design buttons and layout, and features the Qwerty keyboard for fast and easy operation.

Doosan DEM 4000 machine tool

Doosan LEO 1600 Lathe

Doosan's LEO is a small footprint 2-axis lathe with big capabilities. The LEO 1600 offers a 6” chuck and the largest machining area in its class. This horizontal turning center offers a rigid design, reliable spindle, and an 8 tool turret. The LEO 1600 is controlled by a Doosan FANUC 0i-F Plus control with 10.4” LCD. The operation panel enhances operating convenience by incorporating common-design buttons, layout, and features for fast and easy operation.

Doosan LEO 1600 Machine Tool

FANUC ROBODRILL α-DiB5 Series High-performance VMC

The new-generation ROBODRILL promises unrivaled quality and precision. Excellent repeatability make the ROBODRILL ideally suited for milling, drilling, tapping, and boring with flexibility, versatility, and reliability.  The ROBODRILL incorporates the latest FANUC servo motor technology and uses the world’s most reliable CNC. Specific education packages have been configured for the needs of educational institutes teaching 3 axis and 5 axis machining, robotic machine tending, and Connected Smart Manufacturing. This ensures students are learning on the latest CNC technology.

The main benefits of the ROBODRILL are:
• Rigid design
• Fast and reliable tool change mechanism
• Tool change time 1.4s chip to chip (When 2kg/tool is specified)
• Revolving Turret with up to 14 tools (Education specification)
• Latest FANUC servo motor technology
• .004mm bi-directional repeatability
• Reliable and user friendly FANUC 31i-B5 series control
• Easy operation and maintenance
• New iHMI
• Integrated robotic machine tending automation (optional)


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