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FANUC Demonstrates Robotic Solutions for Primary and Secondary Food Handling at IPPE 2020

by FANUC America | Jan 27, 2020
FANUC will demonstrate its DR-3iB food-grade delta robot, and M-410iC/110 palletizing robot at the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) 2020.

ROCHESTER HILLS, MI – (Jan. 24, 2020)
– FANUC America, the leading supplier of robotics, CNCs, ROBOMACHINEs and Industrial IoT solutions will demonstrate the new DR-3iB food-grade delta robot, and the M-410iC/110 palletizing robot at the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) 2020, Jan. 28-30, in Atlanta, Booth #B-7875. 

Show Highlights

FANUC has teamed up with IPPE to help support the Atlanta Community Food Bank, a non-profit organization that helps more than 755,000 people obtain healthy food each year throughout metro Atlanta and North Georgia.  IPPE will hold a gift presentation on Thurs., Jan. 30 at 10:00 a.m. in the media/press room of the B Building lobby.

If you’re considering robots to help you address today’s food processing challenges don’t miss FANUC’s TechTalk “The Evolving Use of Robotics in Food Processing Applications” on Wed., Jan. 29 in room A246.  Add to your show planner.

Robotic Demonstrations at IPPE

FANUC’s new DR-3iB/8L food-grade delta robot uses 2D iRVision and iRPickTool line tracking software to pick randomly oriented packages of chicken from a continuous infeed conveyor.  Equipped with a multi-pick gripper, the robot picks three packages and places them into a box on an outfeed fixed station to simulate case packing.   The products recirculate and the cycle repeats.  The cell features high-speed picking/packing with product re-orientation.  The DR-3iB sets a new standard for robotic food handling in terms of payload, speed, reach and sanitation. 

The FANUC M-410iC/110 robot picks cases from a conveyor and palletizes mixed layer unit loads.   Visitors will use an Allen-Bradley HMI screen to select one of two different patterns for each layer.  Once selected, the HMI displays the unit load and the robot palletizes up to four layers.  Pallet patterns can be changed on the fly, and a second HMI screen displays production status.  The robot de-palletizes the cases and the cycle repeats.

The system highlights FANUC’s latest PLC Motion Interface option designed to enable palletizing operators to program homogeneous or mixed unit loads using FANUC Add-On Instructions (AOIs).  This helps simplify the deployment of FANUC robots into facilities with operators that have no robot programming experience, but are familiar with Rockwell PLCs. 

FANUC DR-3iB Delta Robot Series

The new DR-3iB delta robot is FANUC’s latest solution for picking and packing primary and secondary food products.  Rated IP69K, the robot meets the strictest food handling regulations.

Its design features corrosion-resistant materials, an unpainted finish, and a fully enclosed body allowing it to tolerate high pressure/temperature and sanitizer wash down environments.

A powerful four-axis design and higher wrist inertia allows the DR-3iB/8L to handle 8kg payloads at very high speeds.   Improved repeatability maximizes accuracy, and a hollow wrist design keeps all gripper wires and piping tucked inside.  

A large work envelope featuring a 1600mm reach (500mm height) is ideal for applications that require more range such as reaching into tall boxes or handling product on wide conveyors. 

The DR-3iB operates with FANUC’s latest R-30iB Plus controller with integrated intelligent functions such as iRVision®, Force Sensing, Robot Link, Collision Guard and Zero Down Time (ZDT).

DR-3iB Delta Robot Features and Benefits for the Food Industry:

-Standard IP69K rating for the entire robot means it is waterproof and can withstand harsh environments, including high temperature and high-pressure cleaning.

-An unpainted surface prevents paint chips from falling and contaminating food.

-No springs, stickers or pocketed fasteners eliminate the potential for bacterial growth.

-Self-draining and angled surfaces prevent product or liquid collection.

-Viewing window for grease detection and easy maintenance.

-DR-3iB/8L has an 8kg payload, four-axis design optimized for high speed picking and packing.

-DR-3iB/8L features a 1600mm reach (500mm height) allowing it to easily handle applications that require more range.

-A hollow wrist enables internal cable and hose routing, minimizing wear and tear and improving sanitation.

-Food option features food grade grease and a special coating to handle acid and alkaline disinfectants.

-Ability to work with primary (unpackaged) or secondary (packaged) food products.

-Supports FANUC’s latest intelligent features including iRVision and force sensing.

-Collision Guard detects robot collisions with external objects, minimizing damage to the part and robot.

-Robot Link controls and coordinates up to ten robots through a network exchange of robot positional data.

The new DR-3iB/8L will be available Q1 2020. 

FANUC M-410iC/110 Palletizing Robot Series

The M-410iC/110 robot is designed for high-volume production in case, bag and bottle palletizing operations.  It features a 110 kg payload, four-axis articulation, a compact footprint, and a slim arm with through-arm cable routing to simplify dress-out and minimize interference with tooling and other peripheral devices.  

The M-410iC/110 is capable of performing 2200 standard palletizing cycles an hour with a 60 kg payload, making it the fastest palletizing robot in its class.  It also features a compact footprint and a 646 mm interference radius, ideal for tight workspaces. 

The FANUC M-410iC/110 robot benefits:

-Through-arm cable routing minimizes interference with peripheral device allowing clean, worry-free dress-out solutions for palletizing.

-The 110kg payload is ideal for smaller palletizing operations.

-Proven, reliable FANUC servo drives provide the highest uptime and productivity.

-Able to operate in environments ranging from harsh to traditional factory floor.

-Operates with the company’s latest integrated intelligent functions such as iRVision, Collision Guard, Dual Check Safety, ROBOGUIDE/PalletPRO, PalletTool software and Zero Down Time (ZDT).

-Three other variants in the M-410iC robot series include the M-410iC/185 with 185kg payload, the M-410iC/315 with 315kg payload, and the M-410iC/500 with a 500kg payload. Also available are the still-powerful M-410iB/140H with a 140kg payload and the M-410iB/700 with a 700kg payload.

-The latest R-30iB Plus controller features an intuitive iPendant with enhanced screen resolution and more processing capability compared to previous versions.

About FANUC America Corporation

FANUC America Corporation is a subsidiary of FANUC CORPORATION in Japan, and provides industry-leading robotics, CNC systems, and factory automation.  FANUC’s innovative technologies and proven expertise help manufacturers in the Americas maximize productivity, reliability and profitability. 

FANUC embraces a culture of “Service First” which means that customer service is our highest priority.  We are committed to supplying our customers with parts and support for the life of their FANUC products.   

FANUC America is headquartered at 3900 W. Hamlin Road, Rochester Hills, MI 48309, and has facilities in:  Auburn Hills, MI; Atlanta; Boston; Charlotte; Chicago; Cincinnati; Cleveland; Houston; Huntington Beach, CA; Los Angeles; Minneapolis; Montreal; Pine Brook, NJ; Pontiac, MI; Birmingham, AL; San Francisco; Seattle; Toronto; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Sao Paulo, and Manaus, Brazil; and Aguascalientes, Monterrey, and Queretaro, Mexico.  For more information, please call: 888-FANUC-US (888-326-8287) or visit our website: .  Also, connect with us on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram

 FANUC America Corporation PR contact:

Cathy Powell
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FANUC America Corporation
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