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R-2000iB/200T Toploader Robot

  • 200 kg
  • 2208 mm
  • 6

Top-mounted machine tender

This top or rail mount 6 axis model saves you precious floor space and opens up your options in situations where space restrictions limit the scope of your cell designs. Designed for a wide variety of processes and capable of serving multiple machines, it makes a great choice for machine tending applications.


Toploader Robot - Top work envelope

Top or rail mounted to save floor space, this robot will save you money by servicing several machines at once.

  • 6 
  • 200 kg
  • 0.3 mm
  • Rail
  • 2208 mm

FANUC's best top-mounted performer

Saving floor space and capable of servicing multiple machines, this top or rail mounted robot will lift up to 200 kg with a 2200 mm envelope, making it ideal for medium and high payloads.


More top-mounted options

FANUC has a wide range of Toploader Series Robots. Discover toploader robots in a wide range of sizes and payloads.

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Smart Offline Programming

This robot model is integrated into the FANUC's own offline programming software ROBOGUIDE. ROBOGUIDE is a powerful tool that enables integrators, planners and users to design cells, systems and motions offline.



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