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Electrical Injection Molding Machine | FANUC ROBOSHOT

FANUC ROBOSHOT takes state-of-the-art CNC precision technology from CNC turning and CNC milling and applies it to electric injection molding. The results are greater acceleration, ultimate precision of movement and extremely short cycle times to produce large quantities of consistently high-quality parts.



FANUC America partners with Milacron for ROBOSHOT sales and integration. To learn more about FANUC ROBOSHOT or to request a product quote, please visit Milacron's website.

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Superior Mold Protection

Offering an unrivaled level of protection, ROBOSHOT’s AI Mold Protection function measures pressure on the mold and prevents the clamp from closing should it become obstructed. Additional features protect the ejector pins and mold parts from wear, significantly reducing your maintenance costs.

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World-beating CNC reliability

The centerpiece of the FANUC ROBOSHOT is the most reliable CNC control in the world. User friendly and featuring all the standard interfaces as well as numerous useful additional features, it delivers fast processing times and consistent parts quality.



Seamless Robotic Loading and Unloading

Common interfaces between FANUC ROBOSHOT and FANUC industrial robots also make creating your own highly productive ROBOSHOT cells very easy.

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Easy To Operate

Featuring a wide LCD screen and touch panel control, FANUC ROBOSHOT's powerful user interface is designed to make setting up as fast and straightforward as possible.


Mold Validation and Support

A key element of FANUC's range of services, our specially equipped technical centers are there to help you. We will validate your mold designs, show you how to get the best out of ROBOSHOT and even help set up your machine to achieve the best possible results in the shortest possible time.


Future Proof Investment

Thanks to very low running costs, mold protection and proven long term reliability, FANUC ROBOSHOT boasts the lowest overall TCO, delivering a return on investment after only 5-6 years. Why not see for yourself!