The TKS is a sleek new kind of Tech-Kit that transforms to a Sling. Inside the padded back-panel, you'll find a hidden belt. Pull out the belt, snap the Magnetic V-Buckle and you've got a Sling. YKK Aquaguard zippers and our proprietary BOND-STITCH construction keep your gear dry.

Inside the TKS, you'll find two unique storage compartments. The elastic mesh pocket is a great place for a packable windbreaker and other larger items. Grab the laser-etched hypalon tab on the magnetic buckle and give it a pull to access the accordion organizer. With six separate pockets the accordion keeps all your essentials organized and protected.   

Open the outside pocket and grab your keys from the maglock key chain. Your phone is there too, charging-up inside a durable stretch-knit pocket.  If you're using a wireless charger, just put the charger in the last pocket of the accordion. For USB charging there's a unique laser-cut and bonded cord pass-through. 

The TKS is crafted from CORDURA® 500D re/cor™ RN66.

Black Ember is proud to be the world's first brand to collaborate with CORDURA® Advanced Fabrics on the launch of its new CORDURA® re/cor™ RN66 collection. It is the first 100% recycled nylon 6,6 textile from CORDURA®.

When compared to virgin N6,6 production CORDURA® re/cor™ RN66 produces 83% fewer GHG emissions, consumes 82% less energy and uses 57% less water.

The CORDURA® re/cor™ RN66 refers to recycled Nylon 6,6. That 6,6 rating means it's a high tenacity nylon and that it is ultra-durable. CORDURA® re/cor™ RN66 has passed the brutal barrage of tests that make a woven nylon CORDURA® brand certified.

All Black Ember products are made using our BOND-STITCH high-precision construction. All textile components are laser-cut for precise assembly. This construction yields a super durable, over-engineered pack with a blacked-out, minimal and stealthy aesthetic.


The TKS is designed to combine the essential tech-kit with the minimal mobility of a sling. It also has a stowable, magnetic strap.